Always Have a Tidy Yard with Landscaping Services in Illinois

Because unlike ourselves, we all wish our yards would pick up after themselves.

Property Maintenance1However, just like ourselves our yards and lawns need routine check-ups, food & water, and frequent grooming. Whether your property is a 15-building Home Owner’s Association on multiple acres or a small 5,000 square foot city lot, realtors know that great curb appeal can grow a property’s value. While we all admire neat lawns, mulched flowerbeds, and well-trimmed shrubbery, not all homeowners have the ability, time, or interest to maintain that value. This is precisely why so many families, associations, and businesses trust Three Brothers Property Maintenance2Landscaping to keep their properties at their finest from March through November. Yard work can be a daunting, and sometimes even dangerous duty especially in our Chicagoland climate. Some responsibilities are required weekly, some monthly and even yearly. Our trained maintenance teams know what to do and when to do it, leaving more time for you to run extra errands, spend more time with the kids, or just put your feet up and take it all in. We’ve even assembled some maintenance packages below to help make an easy decision of what you need based on your landscaping priorities.


In most cases, a regularly scheduled maintenance program is the best solution. Opposite of our Pre-Assembled Maintenance Programs, our services below can be used à la carte if you only need one or two things done.

Weekly Maintenance ServiceNot Your Average Mow & Go

Usually performed for 28-30 weeks in our packages throughout the season, our maintenance teams mow, trim, and edge your properties green space. Wherever possible, we rotate the direction of our mowing to help reduce soil compaction and encourage a healthier and more professional appearance. When the work is complete, we clean off all hard surfaces of any debris leaving your driveway clean, your lawn edges neat, and your neighbors jealous. And while grass clippings are a great benefit to your lawn and lessen the impact on our environment, we can haul away the yard waste when we’re done should you request it. Our teams will also keep an eye out while on your property and will advise when any additional services may be needed to try and prevent or resolve any issues.

Spring Clean-UpYour Yard’s Alarm Clock Is Going Off

Property Maintenance3When the last snowmelt has finally cleared, it’s time for your landscape to roll out of bed. Our spring cleaning helps battle the beating your property takes during the cold and desolate months with aesthetic and functional benefits like power raking the lawn, edging all plant beds and mulch rings where adjacent to the lawn, cutting back perennials and grasses, and removal of unsightly debris, leaves and branches from the lawn, plant beds and around shrubs to help promote healthy growth and leave a neater appearance. These practices also provide safety to your home and family by removing the organic matter and hindering the growth of mold and bacteria, which can be unhealthy to the landscape and yourself.

Fall Clean-UpGive Your Landscape the Winter Jacket It Needs

The morning air is crisp and cool, leaves float softly to the ground, and your outdoor task list is mounting. Our fall cleanup program gives you the time you desire with your family to enjoy autumn’s brilliant colors, toss the football around, and sip on some cider. Depending on the volume of trees around your property, we will schedule 1-4 cleanups throughout the month of November to remove debris as it accumulates. Our typical fall cleanup includes:

  • Fallen branches and leaf removal
  • Cultivate and turn mulch in plant beds
  • Edge plant bed and mulch ring lines where adjacent to lawn areas
  • Cut back perennials with no winter interest or feature
  • Mow, trim, edge, and haul away debris

Additional fall services to consider for your property include overseeding the lawn, fall core aeration, mulching plant beds to insulate fragile plants, and natural pruning of trees and shrubs to shape and remove dead branches.

Shrub and Tree TrimmingGet a Haircut, Hippy

Depending on the style and theme of your landscape, wild and loose shrubs will work if planned properly. But in most cases, neglected and overgrown shrubs especially foundation plantings along the house will become unattractive if new growth is not shaped during the season. A well-manicured landscape resonates the care and love a homeowner feels for their property. Our crews typically trim twice in the season; once in the spring after new growth has emerged and flower blossoms have passed, and again in late fall before winter arrives. Additional trimmings may be required at specific properties due to plant layout or to meticulously keep a particular plant shape.

Lawn Care ProgramLike a Well-Balanced Diet for Your Turf

Property Maintenance5Our lawn care programs are specifically designed to promote superior lawn color, density, uniformity, and health. In an effort towards being an environmentally sound company all applications are done in granular form, with liquid used only for weed control. Learn more about our 5-step program.

Fall Core AerationLet the Light In…Then the Air and Water Too!

Aerating your lawn does a number of wonderful benefits to encourage deep and vigorous roots helping your lawn remain thick, lush, and healthy. Soils become compacted from heavy foot traffic, lawn maintenance and even the natural settling of the soil. Aerating relieves the compaction of the soil and allows air and water to travel deeper into the ground, promoting deeper and stronger root systems to create and healthier lawn from disease and even drought. The opened soil also helps thatch levels break down easier giving essential nutrients back to the lawn and reduces the build-up of invasive weeds such as crabgrass and goose grass.

  • Pro Tip: Aerating your lawn exposes the soil, which along with the cooler weather makes it a perfect time to overseed and boost the new growth of your lawn.

Planted Bed MaintenanceTurn an Eyesore into Eye Candy

Your trees and shrubs are a growing investment in your landscape, and weeds in the beds detract from the beauty of your landscape. Our program, which works in conjunction with our weekly lawn maintenance, is designed to keep your beds weed free and your plants growing healthy and pest free.

  • Having a party? Ask about our property clean up, we’ll help you clear the weeds, clean the bed lines and give you a fresh look that’ll be sure to have your guests notice.

Tree and Shrub Care Program

Like a weed infested plant bed, unhealthy and unsightly shrubs and trees can damage the value of your property and the overall enjoyment of your home. Though often overlooked, a stable care program ensures your plant life stays well-fed, healthy, and protected from insects and disease; enriching plant color, flowering potential, overall growth and vigor, and root development. Services are customized for each property.

Property Maintenance4

Hardwood Mulching

Mulching your plant beds with organic materials adds a tremendous value.

Residential Maintenance Programs

Tailored maintenance packages take the work out of yard-work

Silver Program

From $200

The basic essentials of maintenance that any property needs.

  • Weekly Mowing
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Fall Clean Up
  • Shrub and Hedge Trimming

Gold Program

From $245

With a more conservative approach on our premier package, this program still offers great supplemental services to what is customarily a basic maintenance schedule. Services in our Gold Program include:

  • Lawn Care Program (fertilizer,
    weed control, and insecticide)
  • Fall Core Aeration
  • Fall Clean Up

Platinum Program

From $295

Our premier “full-service” maintenance schedule encompasses all of the necessary services to keep your property in tip-top shape. You won’t have to worry about bending over to pluck a weed, adding nutrients to your lawn, or keeping your plants well-manicured with a Three Brothers Landscaping premier maintenance schedule. These services include:

  • Tree and Shrub Care Program (fertilizer, weed control, and insecticide)

Custom Tailored Packages

To better serve our customers, we offer our clients the option to custom-tailor their own program specific to their individual needs and budget. To inquire more about a custom maintenance program for your property, contact our office to meet with a maintenance representative and discuss your options.

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